Vitrum Slimline

Vitrum Slimline

Vitrum Slimline

Vitrum Slimline

Vitrum Slimline

Vitrum Slimline

Vitrum Slimline

Island - Gluggar Gardhus

Features of Aagamm Windows

Elegant Looks

Saves Energy

Water Tightness

Sound Insulation

Fire Retardant

Thermal Insulation

Air Tightness

Maintaince Free

Prevent Dust Buildup

GreenLine (Lead Free)

High Wind Load Performance

Design For Extreme Weather Conditions

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When you desire a 100% opening, slide and fold systems are the right choice. With sliding guides at top and bottom giving it a smoother operation feel. The max opening size could touch 6 meters.

Heavy, rugged look with a feather touch smooth operation is what lift and slide door is all about. The lifting mechanism makes the sliding operation almost frictionless giving it a feel of gliding door. Ideal for very large openings with multilane glass options.

Best solution for large undisturbed views. Large glass panes with width upto 1600mm and tilting and sliding mechanism. Multipoint locking on all for sides making is extremely air tight and suitable for high rise installations.

When you have space constraint’s to open the window either inside or outside and still looking for maximum air and light parallel window is the most suitable option

Inbuilt MS grid option for sliding window with safety locks. These are the most common type of traditional windows with metal grills for safety